Full range of services

We provide a complete package of construction services. Starting from the initial draft to a fully finished project.

Subcontracting services

We have successfully cooperated with other companies on large scale projects and provided our best co-operation.

10+ years of experience

Started as a small business with a core mission to deliver great results and do reliable work that we are proud of.

Team of professionals

We have gathered a professional team, hard-working managers, comprised of specialists, and formed reliable partnerships.

The Central Seal of Approval is proof that we work with dedication and honesty.

We value our employees and take care of people working for us and with us. So that they can work with care when building projects for you.

A solid building is an important representation of our culture and the best values that we have. It is a place for people to meet, work, live, and prosper. It is a secure and stable place that warms, shelters, and protects us. We build such buildings for you.

Where we was working:

Construction, Building Expansion & Renovation

At the core of our business are these three areas of expertise.

Our experience with big scale projects

We can work with both – small independent and big clients on various large scale commercial projects. Construction is at our core so we can manage projects all the way from the initial planning phase to the final touches and finish.
Our employees are Lithuanians – all hard-working and highly skilled specialists. For us, nothing is out of scope, and we’re always up for a challenge.

  • Personalized solutions

  • Design services

  • Quality control

  • Restoration & renovation

  • Layout planning services

  • Preparation of documents

  • Exterior and interior works

  • Assessment and consultation

  • A network of partnerships

  • Over 10 years in business

Our experience providing subcontracting services

During the years we have been involved in working as subcontractors on various construction, expansion, and renovation projects in private and public sectors. We are able to work on anything from small houses to skyscrapers, and from hospitals to schools. Our team carries all the necessary certifications needed to work on such objects. Up to date we have delivered projects under various types of contract models.

  • Officially certified

  • Masonry services

  • Carpentry services

  • Well developed team

  • Public & private sector

  • Experienced in large projects

  • General construction works

  • Facade finishing works

  • At any place in the region

  • Professional and Qualified